Feeling lost? Have jumped on someone else’s path

Feeling lost?

We all have a path, a purpose. And when we are following our true calling is when we can feel most alive, authentic and aligned. I feel like its easy to veer off this path and get caught up in someone’s else’s journey which only leaves us feeling lost and confused.   For example   Lets keep it simple and say your path in life is to head North. You don’t.. Read More

June Movers and Shakers

Mandie Mitchell June movers and shakers

June was an awesome month! We loved renovating and setting up our new home in the caravan (part one and part two). I really loved putting roots down and being able to play house! I got right back into home cooking and making healthy meals, check out my Instagram for pretty pictures. And here is where I got my inspiration from.

Living tiny! Our caravan renovation part two

Living tiny! caravan renovation part two. Mandie Mitchell

It’s almost been 2 months since the last living tiny update and wow how things have progressed. Safe to say we have settled in and experienced some pros and cons to tiny living plus finished majority renovations but finding new ones along the way.

Living tiny! Our caravan renovation part one

Living tiny caravan renovation mandie mitchell

What to do when you live out of a suitcase but crave a place to call home? Buy a vintage caravan and renovate it!   It has been a dream of ours for years now to practice living tiny. We were so close to buying a caravan and traveling Australia instead of going to Bali, so I’m very happy we are now able to have a tiny house to call.. Read More

My healthy food discoveries in Sydney Northern Beaches

Sydney healthy eats Mandie Mitchell

  I was in healthy food heaven when I landed in Sydney! The local IGA had most of my necessities but Harris Farm grocery store down the road was abundant with choices! This post is full of personal photos and links to what I discovered while living in the Northern Beaches.

April Movers and Shakers

April Movers and Shakers Mandie Mitchell

  I feel like I say this every month but April was busy!!! I returned to Sydney for a few weeks and was able to squeeze in a workshop with my old coach Claire Baker (It was amazing and I talk about it below). I loved exploring all the food options and cafes. I seemed to be able to get what ever I wanted from the corner store even grassfed.. Read More

March Movers and Shakers

March Movers and shakers mandie mitchell

The month of March had me in Perth then Bali then Sydney. Lots of moving around but I still managed to absorb lots of inspiring content!

My own freestyle path to health

Why I moved to Bali Mandie Mitchell

My journey to health started in 2011. It’s been a long road, not always smooth, but I know the bumps and setbacks have all helped to get me to where I am today. I’ve learned that there are lessons to be found in every twist and turn and I hope to be learning and discovering for the rest of my life.  

Never fail sleep hacks

Never fail sleep hacks by Mandie Mitchell

  After years of working on my digestive complaints, I committed to seeing a Paleo Nutritionist for extensive testing and finally getting to the bottom of my symptoms. I must admit I was surprised when the first things we worked on was removing stress and getting better sleep! Its obvious to me now but at the time I didn’t know that my gut flares up when I’m stressed. And lack.. Read More